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Flowering Cherry Trees

A cherry tree in full bloom is probably one of the most beautiful things you will see and in many cultures annual celebrations are conducted in the presence of flowering cherry trees. Not only is it beautiful when in bloom and produces an extremely popular fruit, but it is also a symbol for the exotic country Japan. The flowering cherry trees growing next to the Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin is actually an official gift from Japan in 1912 and most of those trees are still standing. Otherwise they are greatly appreciated for their fruits and cherries eaten, cooked or pickled all over the world.

The tree

The cherry tree is a very pretty and it is not only the fruit and its incredible blossoms that is the reason to why they can be found in parks and gardens. The tree itself is quite beautiful and can be an excellent climbing tree for the kids. Originally from Europe and western Asia these trees can today be found cultivated all over the world, some for its fruit, some for its ornamental qualities and some for you to buy and plant in your own backyard.

The flowers

They are most commonly white but the pink flowers are what you see due to the fact that the pink usually is grown for its ornamental properties. The cherry blossom usually covers the flowering cherry tree in a thick layer of clustering cherry flowers. The flowers will drop it petals in the wind and will be looking as a carpet of petals moving through the wind, ending up scattered all over the ground. It might not sound very nice but in a city where most things are grey and dull a scattered carpet of pink petals could really light up the day.


Cherries are cultivated all over the world and are quite an important product for export since it is so popular. All the cherries that gets cultivated and later eaten have derived from only two species. The wild cherry, also known as the sweet cherry is produced for eating and as garnish. The sour cherry though is cultivated to be made into jam, marmalade and similar products. Although many other species also have eatable fruits it is not common that these are cultivated.

The fruit

The fruit of the cherry tree is a sweet fruit with a distinctive taste that has much in common with the common drupe in size, texture and properties. One large seed is in the center of the sometimes rather hard flesh of the fruit. This seed should not be eaten or swallowed as it will only complicate the process in your stomach. Eat the flesh of the fruit and spit out the seed.


As mentioned earlier, the cherry tree is sometimes cultivated for its purely ornamental properties. These flowering cherry trees will not bear any fruit ever because they are cultivated to have more petals and no reproduction system. As an ornamental tree this is perfect as it always will look perfect but won’t spread and start to grow elsewhere, the downside is that you never will find any cherries on those trees. It is more or less a question of taste, perfect ornamental tree or a fruit bearing but less beautiful flowering cherry tree. The choice is yours.